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With all the BAD NEWS, why are the markets continuing to go higher? Can this continue?

Wow- with all the bad news we see, should the markets continue ,moving like this? The winning streak continues as all 5 major markets ended higher last week. 1.76 Million jobs added as unemployment continues to drop. Will there be another stimulus? What is the long term impact of this? We are planning for it, are you? Politics are playing a huge role and will continue to through the election. President Trump signs an Executive Order since Congress has not been able to work together. Have we felt the full impact of the economic shutdown? Are you bullish on this economy? Our investment strategies are built for times like these, whether markets move up, down or sideways. Contact us today to see how we are helping our clients stay on track and manage these unprecedented times.

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Technology still leads, energy lags. Is our economy a dumpster fire based on GDP?

Markets continue to be mixed, positive earnings add to gains in Nasdaq. Energy is still a laggard as demand is low. FOMC reaffirms to keep rates low through March of 2021. GDP was -32.9%, the worst since tracking began in 1947. It was expected when you shut down businesses so it should be no surprise. There are still opportunities in these markets to make sound decisions and continue towards your goals. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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Big shift in sectors last week - Healthcare bumped

Markets were mixed last week. Earnings season kicked off as well with most beating expectations though. Healthcare was motivated with some Covid vaccines being fast-tracked. States are imposing more bans but unemployment rates were lower than expected. There is a lot of information being thrown at us everyday.Some will impact you and some won't. We are here to help guide you through it all.

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Information Technology is leaving other sectors way behind.

Solid gains so far in 2nd half of 2020 with Emerging Markets leading the way. Year to date, the Tech sector is leaving all others behind with Energy and Financials lagging. Most sectors are still showing losses. Earnings reports begin this week and we may be in for some surprises. We are leveraging several strategies right now in these unusual times - contact us to learn how we can help you.

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Fireworks in the Major Markets end the holiday week.

Fireworks in the major markets end the shortened holiday week. All indices and sectors were up. The gains last week in the DOW were best since 1987. Payrolls surge causing another fall in unemployment. That is 13 consecutive weeks for a drop in unemployment as businesses open back up - but will we see a decline with the latest spike in Covid cases? Volatility will likely continue so navigate carefully. Contact us to see how we are managing assets during these unique times with our "Advance and Preserve" strategies.