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OLD NEWS! Nasdaq leads again- Energy showed signs of life.

A week of solid gains last week! The Nasdaq lead the way again. Actually, all 11 sectors performed higher. The Energy sector finally moved in a positive direction, but is still down substantially for the year. Stimulus talks are on again, off again on again and the Presidential election is just weeks away. What do you think will happen in this last quarter of 2020? Positive? Negative? Are you just ready for 2020 to be over? No matter which direction the markets go, we believe in having a sound strategy in place.

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Energy Sector continues to take a beating - Information Technology leads to the plus side

Even with little financial news or reporting last week there was more turmoil in the markets. The energy sector has significantly under-performed all sectors with the Information Technology leading the positive side followed by Consumer Discretionary. After the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the filling of the vacant seat has created political tension with the Presidential election being so close. The first of two Presidential debates begin tonight. Make sure you are registered to vote for the upcoming elections! The Future of Wealth Management starts here. Contact us to learn more.

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Emerging Markets and Micro-Caps led last week. Do you know what Micro-Cap Stocks are?

The sting of losses in the major markets was felt again last week, except for Emerging Markets which did well. The often unnoticed Micro Cap market did extremely well. Some say the Small Caps are a leading indicator. Will this ring true again? The growth side of the market has done well in spite of Corona Virus, unemployment, shutdown, social tensions, political anxiety of an election, etc. The Federal Reserve reaffirms commitment to keep rates near zero for 3 years and attempt to keep inflation in check. The investment environment is being influenced by numerous issues around the world- mostly we hear about the bad, however, there are strategies performing well. Do you have a sound strategy for navigating these markets? Is it working for you? Contact us today to learn how we are helping clients manage these turbulent times.

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The Energy sector is still losing, followed by Technology.

Equity markets gave back some gains again, with Energy leading the downside and Technology following. AstraZeneca paused their Covid-19 trials last week, but have since restarted. Tesla was passed up to become a member of the S&P500 Index. The index committee did make some changes though. Economic reports are due this week and could cause some volatility. Are you keeping up with all of the changes? Whether you are on the sidelines or 100% invested there are risks either way. Contact us today to learn how we are helping our clients advance and protect their assets.

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The Biggest Loser - not Technology but Energy

Tech heavy Nasdaq loses steam after all time highs. Most sectors pulled back last week but the Energy sector saw a greater pullback due to widespread weakness. Two Sectors were positive last week though - Materials and Utilities. According to the US DOT, traffic volume is down 13% so far this year. This would be expected due to many destinations being partially or fully closed. Does the amount of decline surprise you? We thought it would have been more. Back to School (in some form or fashion) is the focus now after an interesting Summer. The year 2020 rolls on. Are you ready for this year to be over?

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All Time Highs - AGAIN for the S&P500 and NASDAQ - can this continue?

All 5 indices closed the week in the green. Both S&P500 and NASDAQ close at all times highs- AGAIN. How long can this last? The Dow Jones Index barely crosses into positive territory for the year. Interest Rates rose following the FOMC meetings. The Fed plans to average 2% inflation but the Fed Funds rate will likely stay low for some time. Are you prepared for a longer low-rate environment and more potential volatility? Do you have an investment strategy for the pending presidential election? Contact us to see how we are helping our clients advance and protect their assets right now.